F*ck Being Perfect: You Do You!

May 4, 2021

In This Episode

This is the second week of “you do you”-themed conversation, advice, and tips from New York Times bestselling author Sarah Knight, focusing on how to accept yourself for who you are, have confidence in what you want, and then go after it effectively. Sarah shares her personal story of being a “recovering perfectionist” and talks about why the well-intentioned mantra “Do your best” can be damaging. Plus she teaches you how to embrace being “difficult” and how to shift your mindset to turn your flaws (or what other people seem to think are your flaws…) into strengths with a trick she calls “mental redecorating.” And as always, stay tuned to the end for the NFG tip of the week! The No F*cks Given podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio.com, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episode every Tuesday. 

Today’s topics:

  • Perfectionism and how to combat it
  • 4 tips for cutting yourself some slack
  • Why it’s okay to be “difficult”… and how to do it right
  • 5 tips for getting what you want
  • And 5 more for NOT getting stuck with what you DON’T want!
  • “Mental redecorating” – how it works and why it helps
  • NFG tip of the week: “Learn your ABCs” (Acceptance breeds confidence)

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