How to Say F*ck No!

Feb 9, 2021

In This Episode

Do you need to learn how to say no, stick to it, and be heard? Then you’re in luck! In Episode 3, Sarah gives you a few easy templates for building your no, depending on what kind of “Yes-Man” you are (there’s a quiz for that!) and what situation you’re in. Find out if you’re a People-Pleaser, an Overachiever, a FOMO’er, or just a Pushover, and what to do about it. There are no’s for work, family, and friends—plus three simple ways to deal with people who won’t take no for an answer. She also talks about guilt and obligation, how to combat them (there’s a flow chart for that!), and most importantly: how to stop giving a fuck about what other people think. Listen, learn, and discover the Joy of No—plus, find out how to submit your questions to Sarah’s monthly audio advice column, “You Asked For It!” which debuts next week on Episode 4.

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Today’s topics:

  • Overcoming guilt & obligation
  • The Joy of No
  • Speaking the language of opinion
  • The Why Yes/When No Method
  • Which Yes-Man are you?
  • Four templates for saying no
  • Weekly NFG tip: “Personal Policies”

Check it out:

  • Browse the book page for Fuck No! to get the quiz, flowchart, FuckNotes templates, and other items mentioned on todays’ show